Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend!

In France, the Monday after Easter (or Pâques), is a national holiday. Even though my friends and I are loaded down with schoolwork, we decided to profite and enjoy the weekend.

I had an exam the Friday leading up to Easter, and while I was walking home, I realized it was the first time since November that I could walk without feeling physically uncomfortable by the surrounding air temperature. I grew up in the southern United States, so cold and grey do not agree with my constitution. I found myself walking at a leisurely pace down Boulevard Saint Germain for the first time in months, rather than scurrying for warmth like I usually do.

To celebrate, I had un verre au terrace at a café near my place, and the walked to the Seine b/c I could. Snapped some sunset pics. Just cuz.

That evening, a friend invited me to a day trip she'd planned with a mutual friend to Fontainebleau on Saturday. We took a tour of the château and then rented bikes to bike over to the nearby town of Barbizon. What was supposed to be a 30 minute bike ride on a paved path ended up being a 2 hour mountain biking sesh through the forest of Fontainebleau. Gorgeous scenery. More of a workout than we expected, but we survived haha. Note to others: Barbizon has no buses and the cabs can't fit bikes, so if you bike there, you gonna have to bike your tush back, honey.

Bees have historically been the symbol for power and royalty, so Napoleon was sure to include a LOT of bee motifs. 

Nerdy selfie w/ my audioguide. There was a lot of history, ok?!

Ceiling shot.

Wall panel. 

The chapel. 

Napoleon's bed.

A stool in Marie Antoinette's ante chamber. 

Cute flower shop in Fontainebleau

On Easter Sunday, considerably more sore than usual, I biked over to the right bank to celebrate at a friend's place. I picked up some flowers as a hostess gift on the way. I noticed that peonies, my favorite flower, are finally in season! The weather was nice, so we decided to hang out at Jardin de Tuileries for the rest of the afternoon.

Windy and ominous, yet still sunny!

Peonies :)

Blue ballerinas for Easter!
The weather was gorgeous, even though we were hit by some intermittent showers. I had a great time with some of my closest friends in the Master's program. Spring in Paris is objectively amazing, but I think you really appreciate it when you've been through the winter. You feel like you've earned it. Every flower is blooming just for you :)

I hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend! 

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