Saturday, February 16, 2019

My Sakara Meal Plan Review: Total Body Transformation

Hi all,

I am excited to share my Sakara Life Total Body Transformation experience with you all! Sakara is an amazing meal delivery and nutritional supplement company created by Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise. The Total Body Transformation is a four-week special program offered by Sakara Life which includes meals, supplements and products from select partners.  My readers will find an exclusive discount code for 20% OFF any Sakara Life meal program at the bottom of this post

I am a proud affiliate for the organic food delivery service Sakara Life, as well as a fan and a customer, but I was not paid to take part in the Total Body Transformation (I paid for it with my own hard-earned $$$). I am a lifelong vegetarian, but after moving to New York for work I found that I struggled to put together nutritious, tasty meals while dealing with the demands of my job and the daily pressures of the NYC grind. 

Ordering Sakara Life meals has really helped me, as I know that I am getting organic, locally-sourced and nutritionally-balanced meals that don't involve fighting the lines at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, coming up with recipes, and cooking everything before it spoils. Sakara Life promo code 20% off

Normally, I order 3 meals a week 3 or so weeks a month. This gives me the flexibility to cook when I can, have the occasional dinner with friends, or order food to the office when I had to stay late. I attempt to eat healthy meals when left to my own devices but often find myself ordering something off of Seamless or standing in line at Chipotle. Sakara Li

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After a health scare in July, I was prompted by the Universe to reevaluate all the little bad habits I'd picked up that were undermining my bigger goals. The hours spent sitting down, the nights spent watching Netflix instead of attempting to socialize, and stress eating were taking me down a bad path. After spending years working to "get the job", I had forgotten how to dream and was letting my circumstances dictate my lifestyle. Not to sound completely cheesy, but it is incredibly important to have dreams and goals. Without them, you'll stagnate at best. At worst, you'll regress. One of my goals is to get into great shape and really learn how to take care of my body. Sakara Life Coupon Code Savings 

I'd already been making a series of changes to my lifestyle  so when the end of the year rolled around, I was already in a "change positive" mindset and raring to go into the new year. I'd never been one to make resolutions, but I realized after some reflection that I didn't make resolutions because I was afraid I would fail. Embracing my new positive, anti-self shaming outlook,  I signed up for one of Sakara's quarterly special programs: The Total Body Transformation. Sakara Life coupon code discount

The awesome welcome gift. 
Full of goodies and gift certificates from True Botanicals, Coyuci, Pursoma and more!

While I love my body and don't feel that it needed to be totally transformed, I definitely felt like I could benefit from more veggies in my life. Doing a program represented making a commitment to show up for myself for four weeks. The embracing the cost of Sakara meal plans can be an adjustment, but I viewed the cost of my Sakara meal plan as an investment in myself.  

The brand has done a great job of using email and social media to build a sense of community. It is fun to hop on the 'Gram and see that other Sakara fans are documenting their experiences and eating the same meals. It has helped me feel connected in a really nice way. Sakara Life savings promo code discount coupon code

A preview of the food. So delish!

I customized my Total Body Transformation to receive two meals per day (lunch and dinner) for three days a week, which is double the amount I usually do. 

I finished the four-week program, and I feel so great! Not just as a result of the meals, but for successfully finishing the program. I rejoined the gym and started doing cardio and weightlifting, so I can't solely attribute any weight loss to the program, although I am sure it helped. I do know that I felt a lot better. You don't notice how many tummy aches and headaches and other random things you experience from eating gnarly foods until you cut back on them.

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I also felt happier that I was showing my body the love and respect it deserved by eating healthier. I dabble vegan in part due to ethical/environmental concerns about the dairy industry, so I was happy to know that during these four weeks I was contributing less to that system. I also loved the weekly "love notes" I received via email from the Sakara Team with positive affirmations and mantras for the week. I really appreciated that personal touch. 

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I will go back to doing the 3 meals a week every few weeks, but I am so glad that I did the Total Body Transformation. It was a perfect start to the year. SakaraLife promo code 20% off discount coupon