Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paris in the Spring

Paris is in bloom!

Who knew that the city was so verdant, so beautiful! Not just for the buildings, but for the wonderful gardens, the willow trees gracefully dipping into the Seine, the flower pots on the windowsills of the buildings in the city.

My mom has always said that I'm a nature girl and I didn't really see myself as such because I love city life so much. But in retrospect, I think that one of the reasons I liked LA so much ( and in turn didn't like Paris very much at first) was because as dirty and smoggy as LA can be at times, you can drive for 30 minutes and be at the beach, or in the desert, or in the mountains. And after you're done with your daytime outing, you can drive back to the city and put on your heels to go out at night. Plus because it's sunny year round, there are always plants growing. USC's campus is a beautiful green oasis all the time which up until now I took completely for granted. So now that spring is here, I finally have the opportunity to have the quintessential "Paris"experience that I always wanted. This includes picnics in Invalides, sitting and people watching at cafés in the evening with handsome french boys, and having nice outdoor dinners with friends. All with a backdrop of the golden rays of the sun and the green of the trees bordering the boulevards. Here are some photos that I took of Paris in bloom...
Little garden I found in Le Marais where I like to eat my L'as du Falafel falafels

Jardin de Tuileries

Near the Champs Elysee point ou rond

These last 2 weeks or so have definitely been worth the wait. I finally can say, with all my heart, "Paris, je t'aime."

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